All U8 & U10 please get your dress shirts at training

Hi everyone,

To all the U8 and 10’s as you may know with the help of our sponsors BCS, Mylestones Employment, Nolan Finishes and Cross Fit Magnetic every child in the club is getting a dress shirt. I have been giving these out over the last week and would like to have the U8 & U10 with their shirt by this week.

When I ordered the shirts the supplier made an error with the sizes & I am hoping I have enough of this size for the U8 & U10. We will order more but they will take 6 weeks for them to get here. Please get your shirt on Friday if you can. For training the U8 & U10 can train either on a Friday or Monday, if you are busy on Fridays please attend our sessions on a Monday.

Part of our uniform is shorts so if you are getting your shirt please ask about your shorts, see one of the ladies in a Blue shirt in the shirt area and they will be able to help you.

Rockets clothing:
  • Basketball playing shorts $35 –must have these if you are playing any type of game on Saturday (these do not have pockets, the reason is there is a risk of children getting their fingers caught in the pockets during games and hurting themselves)
  • Training shirt - $10 you do not have to get these but a lot of children want to be part of the club & do get these
  • Basketball socks - $5.00 – they are a Basketball sock that we get made for us, we do not have many left.
  • For $50 you get shorts, training shirt and socks.
  • Dress shirt – no cost
  • We do have hoodies and Jackets @$25 that are great for this cooler weather
We also have metal drink bottles @$10 or 2 for $15, Duffle bags @25 or shoulder bags @$25.

Once you have all your Rockets gear please make sure you wear it to the game on Saturday.

See you all tomorrow.

Mark Smith

Sponsored by

1300 635 627

3422 0059

Call 0438 006 888

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