Thank you and have a safe Christmas

Hi All,

As we head towards Christmas, I want to wish you all a safe and happy break and thank you for being part of Runcorn Rockets in 2020.

It has been a year none of us will soon forget, a year where we stopped & started, our games and training were different where we all had to sign in at every game & sign in at all training sessions but you were all great how you handled that, so thank you.

During games & on the court one feeling that stood out for me was pride in how the children carried themselves being humble in both winning and losing & I need to thank our coaches for instilling that into our players. While thanking our coaches I would also like to thank our “Age coordinators” who were at the door checking everyone was signing in & following the ever changing requirements, ensuring the coaches were available and everything ran smoothly. I would also like to thank mums and dads for bringing the kids to training on time & to their games and also to help score each week.

Next year we have planned to buy new Rockets balls and Rockets Carry bags and we will look to have a range of “packs” of balls, bags, shirts etc to help our members with costings. You will all look very good in 2021.

The Southwest Calendar starts on the Friday 5th February but we will start training on the 25 January so almost 2 weeks before Southwest start the competition. We will also have a sign on day on Saturday 23rd January. The Sign on day will be at Runcorn &I will send out a bit more information regarding the day in the next week or so.

You are able to register now for next year and the sooner you register the better it is, once we see registrations we will then have some idea of the number of teams. All coaches please register as a “coach” so you are on our coaching mailing list.

If you want 2 people in your family to receive our newsletters and information when completing the registration form complete the field for“ Preferred Email Address”& the second person in the field “Parents/Guardian(s) details – Primary Contact” they will then be “cc” on any emails we send out.

There may be some small changes to locations and times for training but it will mostly be the same as this year and we will try to keep everyone informed of any changes.

We just finished a two-day coaching clinic where we had 9 of our coaches attending & the feedback I received was that it was very well worthwhile. Coaches - I did take a video of the training session and these will be up on our Coaches Board on our website.

I just have a few more little things I have to tidy up around the place and then I will be looking forward to some time at the beach and maybe reading a few good books.

Whatever your plans are, I hope they are meaningful and relaxing to you all.

Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas. Stay COVID-Safe.

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See you all next year

Mark Smith


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