Competition proper starting this coming week

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the week end.

A few things to go through this week.

There is a disabled park at Runcorn and on Saturday an individual could not park there as a non-disabled person parked there. Please check that we are not parking in the spot.

I have been to several meetings this week & I would like to give everyone a quick review of what occurred:

# There will be no more U12 or U14 Girls competition it will now be called Girls With Game (GWG). All that has occurred is the U12 & U14 competition is combined, there will now be Red, Purple and Gold divisions.

# Some of our teams have moved divisions. If for example your team was in U10 Red it may now be U10 Purple so please look in other divisions for your team, it will still have the same team number. We had several teams that have won all their games or had large winning scores so they have been moved.

# No earrings can be worn during the game. If the ear has only been pierced the parent can sign a waiver.

# If you have not contacted Mike our Treasurer about a payment plan or paid your fees your child cannot take the court or train. Our insurance will not cover you if you have not organised something with Mike or paid.

# Just explaining our Invoices

Understand our invoices.docx

# On Saturday morning at 7.30am Steve Edwards runs a free clinic for all girls for all ages at Hibiscus.

# Please wear your Rockets shirts to training this Monday and Friday what ever day you attend as we will be taking photos.

From the courts

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