November 15th

Hi all,

With the end of the season coming I wanted to take the chance to thank everyone for how they act when in a Rockets uniform & the respect they give our coaches, opposition and Umpires. It is also nice to see our teams being humble when winning and in defeat.

I think one of the things that makes me most proud is how everyone treats each other. I have many parents asking if they can help, people are always patient when we are unable to get back to them immediately and everyone is always happy to have a chat.

We have the U8 – U14 age groups all organised for their break up party and for the U16s I am waiting for Southwest to get back to me about the availability of the courts at Runcorn. The reason why we are waiting is we are looking at doing a similar thing for our U16 boys as we did for the U18 Boys. We are planning to hire the courts on Friday the 27th November getting official Umpires & playing some games, playing music and having food. All up it will be a couple of hours and it will be for the teams in U16 that didn’t make finals and the U18 team that played in their finals last Friday night.

For those U16s that make the finals we will be doing something with you on 11th December. We will be sending an email to all the U16 teams as soon as we know the courts are available and times.

Rocky our mascot will be attending games during the finals but he won’t be able to go to too many night games as he is scared of the dark but we are working with him on that so he will get over that fear.

Don’t forget to register for the Christmas party where we can celebrate and if you have difficulties please tell us. We have had a couple of little hiccups but it has been pretty good considering how many are registering so thank you.

From the courts

Mark Smith

President Runcorn Rockets Basketball Club

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