First week of finals

Hi everyone,

This week was your last week of normal club games for all age groups.

When you consider we are one of the biggest clubs in Qld and run by volunteers I am extremely proud of what we have achieved this year. A season is not defined by where you come on the ladder but the good times you had, the friends you made and what you have learnt about yourself and people around you.

I will quickly go through what will occur in the next two weeks. For U8 & U10 – there will be training Monday & Friday and a game a Saturday, and the following week we of course will have training during the week and the U 8’s will have super hooper session at Hibiscus from 8am to 9.20 and U10 are all welcome to attend.

For U 12,14,16 if your team is listed in the first 4 teams on the “ladder” in Sports TG app you will be playing finals this week and next week. This week 28th November we will have 8 teams of U12 in finals, 5 teams of U14 (3 teams have make the top 4 teams in the red División) and 4 teams of U16. All U12 teams play this week but only the top four play on grand final day 5th December.

If your team has won 50% of their games or more you have had a good season (I think almost every team we have has done that). Winning more than 50% of your games means you are above average & should be very proud. If you get a chance to see your mates play in the finals that would be great to cheer them on.

Don’t forget to wear our Rockets T-shirts to the finals, let’s look loud and proud of who we are & show the type of club we are. Rocky our mascot will be at as many games as possible. So don’t forget to take lots of pics.

There are a few rules around who can play in finals & who can’t. In the past we have waited for that information from Southwest but this year I have already started working with Southwest on this so I do not believe we will have many issues, Just quickly, you will need to have played half the games plus 1 but if you are new to the club and have not played Basketball before you do not need to meet this criteria.

If your team did not make the finals please check with your coach as we have still paid for the training venues but you will need a coach to look after the team.

Coaches if you are not playing finals, Janette will be contacting you or if you could send us a text or email so you can return the singlets as soon as possible, that would be very much appreciated. Each set cost the club almost $400 so there is a lot of money involved.

I have been talking to Southwest & they are looking at running a Level 1 coaching course. If you are interested in helping coach next year please contact us so we can put some numbers together. Even if you just want to know more or may just want to help the coaches please tell us and it would be great for you to attend.

South west have not given us our prices for games in 2021 so we are unable to update our website with our price structure for 2021. There is an association meeting with Southwest next Sunday which I will be attending so we should be able to put our price and information on our website after that.

Next year we will be starting a week earlier than any other club, our training will be starting on Monday 17th January which is a week before school starts. That will give us 2 weeks of training before the first trial games & we are hoping starting a week earlier will make the transition into the 2021 a little smoother.

Don’t forget to use the link below to book for our Christmas party on Sunday 6th December, we will be closing off bookings this Friday 27th November. Please don’t forget to book as is this part of our required Covid plan for booking the Pool. If you have any difficulty, please contact us and we shall help you.

Have a great week, from the courts

Mark Smith


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