5th December

Hi everyone,

Well our year has come to an end, what a very eventful year we have had.

It started off pretty exciting we had a training camp in March and we had lots planned and it looked like a very busy year, then came COVID 19 and turned everything upside down. We started back in July and started all over again.

This season we had over 45 teams, Sidney Mines ran training clinics for us every week, we sponsored a QSL player who came and trained both the young children and U18s, we have had training sessions at Warrigal Rd & MacGregor State Schools & will look to do more schools next year. We also did a Girls program with Runcorn State High School that was very popular. Every player received a dress shirt for free and the players do look great coming to games in them and in the upcoming 2021 Representative season we have over 35 of our members playing which shows are players are improving and what we are doing is helping.

On our last week end of games so many things have occurred & I would like to share one with you. We had an U16 boys team playing for Bronze & they only had 4 players, of course the team we were playing had 8 players and so we have to play our 4 against their 5 with replacements. This team had injuries, players on holidays, players not eligible so many things happened to this team. At half time our team was down 11-1 which was to be expected. The Coach then spoke to them about just being the best person you can be, follow his directions & believe in yourself because he believed in them.

The Rockets team won 27-23, win lose or draw you should always feel you have done the best you can. This was so amazing.

We talk about the ethos of Rockets and it is all about preparing our children for life. We all have barriers and we hope through Basketball our children learn to believe in themselves and continue to work hard.

We will be planning a few different things for 2021 & as the year progress I will be informing every one of these. We will update the web site with pics that we have taken over the last couple of weeks.

I would like to thank each and every one of you for being part of Rockets and you all make the club what it is.

Have a safe holiday and hope to see you all in 2021.

From the courts

Mark Smith


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