Second week went well for everyone

Hi all,

I hope you enjoyed your second week. It was a different week in that there were School competitions on Thursday through to Sunday and this has affected our coaches and players. I do appreciate coaches & players all working together to get things organised.

No injuries this week which is the norm so that was wonderful.

Hibiscus are enforcing the rule where you are not allowed into the complex until 10 minutes prior to the game. This is to ensure that COVIDsafe procedures are followed correctly.

Please check all your finger nails (boys and girls) & ensure earrings are taped or removed, the umpires will be checking this in future weeks. The other thing I have been informed about but the Umpires will not be enforcing at the moment is that girls are not to have loose long plats. They are telling me if the girls swing their head the plat can fly across someone’s face or eye, they would prefer if it is in a Ponytail or tied up so that it is not long. I am a male with no hair so I don’t know much about this subject.

Please get to your game at least 10 minutes before the start time. I looked after 2 teams on Saturday one team everyone arrived early they were talking to each other and having a great time. We won that game convincingly even though the opposing team is 2 spots ahead of us. The second game I did, 2 boys did not arrive until late into the first quarter and we lost that. These boys did not mix with the others or have that bonding. We get our children to school on time and we get to work on time it would be appreciated if you could give Basketball the same courtesy i.e. 10 minutes before the game so that they can get their Singlets on and be ready to start.

We have had a few things happening this week which I will tell you all about in the next week or two but the exciting news for this week is we are starting to plan for our end of year party.

From the courts

Mark Smith

President Runcorn Rockets Basketball

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