Newsletter - 1st November

Hi everyone,

I hope you all had an enjoyable week.

I would like to congratulate our coach Ramadan for being selected as a Pirates representative coach for an

under 14 team in season 2021.

On Saturday I saw a lot of the younger children wearing our T-shirts underneath their singlets. Please be aware we are coming into summer and having a shirt plus a singlet on top will be extremely hot. The children do not have to wear the T-shirt underneath their playing singlet, it does look great when you see all the players in their rockets shirts when they walk into the hall.

I would like to thank the Brisbane City Council and Councillor Kim Marx for her support in supplying 8 sets of playing singlets to Runcorn Rockets. Having Sponsors and now support from Council really does make a difference to the club and what we can do for your children. This type of support from the Brisbane City Council and Kim also shows how well-known and well respected our club is within the community.

We will be ordering the new singlets in the next couple of weeks & will be wearing them in season 2021. While on the topic of season 2021 we will be putting our 2021 fees on the website in mid November as we should have finalised costings from Southwest Metro and Runcorn State High School by then.

In 2021 we will get our new Basketballs as we have just finished ordering 400 Rockets Basketballs. Currently we sell a “Pack” where you get 2 shirts & a pair of socks for only $15 on top of a price of our shorts. The shirts and socks cost us more than this but we do this to help our players. We will be doing the same with the basketballs. We will be putting them into a pack so that everyone will be able to buy a game quality ball at a very affordable price.

Don’t forget to register for the free 5 week Basketball program at Runcorn State High School if your are interested. The program starts on Thursday this week from 3.30pm to 4.30pm for boys and girls of age groups 10-15 years old. Please call Jess Latorre to reserve a place. Her email is:

Have a great week, from the courts

Mark Smith


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