Newsletter for 8th November

Hi all,

what a busy week we’ve had.

I am currently the chair of the junior Rep committee for Southwest Metro Pirates which means I attend every representative trial. Under 16,18 & 20s have all been completed & the under 12s & under 14s are now trialing.

It was great to see lots of Rockets kids trialing on Saturday. We were a little short of girls at the trials so Southwest Metro Pirates are looking for girls who will be aged 10, 11,12 or 13 next year. If you are interested, please contact me and the next trial date is Saturday 21st November.

In regards to the five week training program that is running with Runcorn State High School, as numbers were limited we had asked anyone interested to register. I wrote about this program in 2 newsletters to get lots of Rockets kids there. Every time Rockets put on any program we pay for the coaches & the hall so it is not free for the club but we do this to help our members & with this program to support Runcorn State High School.

I have had someone ask me if they could go to next week’s session as he said his family did not receive anything about this program. Unfortunately, there are no more places available. We use the email address that we have in our system which was provided at registration to send our newsletters to everyone. If you know someone who does not get our newsletters please tell us as we may have an incorrect email address.

Christmas parties have already started, Last Friday night we had our Friday night girl teams & U18 boy teams celebrate their end of the season. We will have other Friday night teams celebrate their end of season in the next few weeks.

For our U8,10,12,14 teams they will have their Breakup party on Sunday 6th December from 11 am – 3pm. We will again have it at the Hibiscus Pool & there will be music with a DJ, food & lots of people having fun. I will send out registration information in the next day or so.

You will need to register as we must put in our COVID-19 plan which means we need the information of everyone who is attending on the day. Everyone will need to enter through the rear entry of the pool which can be seen when you park at the rear of the Hibiscus Courts. It will all be sign posted & we will tick off your name at the gate before you enter.

We have busy times ahead and lots of news but for now I think it is enough for this week.

From the courts

Mark Smith


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