Second week of competition

Hi All,

Just finished our second week of competition proper and everything seems to be going very well.

As a club we aim for all our teams to win 60% of their games, if you are winning over 90% then maybe the team is in the wrong division. We want our players to stretch themselves, understand you cannot win everything in life. Children need to understand wins are hard to get and are special & we do learn from our loses. My biggest thrill is when the team is behind in the first quarter or first half and then comes back, this shows that our players never give up and look to adapt to how the other team is playing.

Looking at the results from the weekend I would like to congratulate everyone for the great games.

I have had a couple of parents asking about game times, to find your game time there are a couple of options; the best option is the Team App where every team has been set up and there is lots of information about your team such as who is on the team, coach's name and phone number, training times and a link to your game times.

If you don’t have the app, below is the link to SportsTG website, this is a link to all team games. .

To help you organise your family and to know when we break for the school holidays in April . We will not be playing on the 2nd –3rd, 9th – 10th, 16th – 17th April so the last game before holidays is 26th March & we return to training on Monday 19th April. Semi-finals are played on the 11th & 12th of June and grand finals are played on the 18th and 19th of June.

There are 11 more weeks of games & if you make the finals there are 13 more weeks of games so there’s lots of basketball in front of us.

Don’t forget the free clinic for girls on a Saturday morning. It is for all girls 8 years old to 14 year old from 7.30 – 8.30.

We are trying to put something together for girls over the holidays and will tell everyone next week what we have organised. I will check with Sidney Mines to see if he is doing any clinics over the holidays.

Have a great week

From the courts

Mark Smith


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