First week over - Saturday, 2/02/19

Hi Everyone

I hope we all had a great time - if you did not play this week you will next week. This week we nominated 17 teams, (some clubs only nominated 1 team)  and we will organise a lot more teams next week to align with our registrations.

U8's all get to play a game at Runcorn every Saturday morning at 8am.

Please ensure you have your playing shorts and if you don't have your Rockets pack please ask as we don't want you to miss out - in the pack you will get a Tee shirt, Rockets socks, water bottle and a carry bag all for $15, once they run out they run out. We are only able to sell them at this price because they are subsidised by the kind generosity of BCS.

Some more important news, this is our first week of the season and we have had just on 200 Registrations, the club has a cut off point of 300 members and will not be accepting any more registrations once we reach that figure. If you have any friends that want to play please tell them to hurry as it is wonderful if you can play with your friends.

We will try to take pics of all the kids playing this weekend and put it on our Facebook.

See you at the courts

Kind regards

Mark Smith

Mark Smith
President Runcorn Rockets Basketball