Holiday Games

Basketball for Friday 24th & Saturday 25th September

Below is a quick explanation of how the draw works. Please tell your coach if you cannot play and we will get children to fill in for the players that are not available. All games are at Hibiscus.

Example of the first game

M09A/1 - RR13 vs RR14

First letter - (M – Mixed, G – Girls, B – Boys,)

09 - age groups (I.e. 09 – Under 9 or 11 is Under 11)

Letter A - Playing Group (I.e. A – Group A or B – Group B)

1 = Game Number

RR13 – Your Team is Runcorn Rockets team 13

The above is a mixed team of girls and boys of Under 9 in Group A in their first game and the teams are Team 13 & 14.

On the Saturday draw it shows (L) or (W) which is the winner or Loser of the previous game

Friday 24th

5:00 PM

6:00 PM

7:00 PM

8:00 PM

Court 1

M09A/1 - RR13 vs RR14

B15A/1 - RR181 vs RR192

B11A/1 - RR61 vs RR71

B13A/1 - RR162 vs RR174

Court 2

M09A/2 - RR33 vs RR31

B15A/2 - RR188 vs RR396

B11A/2 - RR76 vs RR89

B13A/2 - RR161 vs RR172

Court 3

M09A/3 - RR32 vs RR45

B15A/3 - RR201 vs RR193

B11A/3 - RR84 vs RR81

B13A/3 - RR173 vs RR171

Court 4

B15B/2 - RR202 vs RR204

B15B/1 - RR151 vs RR301

B11A/4 - RR83 vs RR82

B17B/1 - RR264 vs RR262

Saturday 25th

8:30 AM

9:30 AM

10:30 AM

Court 1

Court 2

Court 3

M09A/4 - M09A/1(W) vs M09A/2(W)

B15A/5 - B15A/1(L) vs B15A/3(W)

M09A/5 - M09A/1(L) vs M09A/3(W)

Court 4

M07A/1 - All U7 Teams

B15A/4 - B15A/1(W) vs B15A/2(W)

M07A/2 - All U7 Teams

4:30 PM

5:30 PM

6:30 PM

7:30 PM

8:30 PM

Court 1

B19A/1 - RR258 vs RR251

G13A/1 - RR94 vs RR101

B13A/4 - B13A/1(W) vs B13A/2(W)

B17B/5 - B17B/3(W) vs B17B/2 (L)

Court 2

B19A/2 - RR292 vs RR291

G13A/2 - RR125 vs RR131

B13A/5 - B13A/1(L) vs B13A/3(W)

B15B/3 - B15B/1(W) vs B15B/2 (W)

Court 3

B11A/5 - B11A/1(W) vs B11A/2(W)

B17B/3 - RR274 vs RR273

G17A/3 - RR221 vs RR241

B19A/3 - B19A/1 (W) vs B19A/2 (W)

B13A/6 - B13A/2(L) vs B13A/3(L)

Court 4

B11A/6 - B11A/1(L) vs B11A/3(W)

B17B/2 - RR261 vs RR260

B11A/7 - B11A/2(L) vs B11A/4(W)

B17B/4 - B17B/1 (W) vs B17B/2 (W)

As you can see there has been a lot of work to get to this point and I would like to thank David & the other members of the committee for their time and effect.

Kind regards

Mark Smith

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