A Wonderful start to Rockets Basketball - Under 7, Under 8

Our under 7, Under 8 program is Rockets official introduction into Basketball for boys and girls aged 5,6,7. If you are not sure if Basketball is the sport for your child bring them along for a free trail. We have found after one session you will not be able to take the smile from your child's face and they can’t wait until their next training session or next game.

Our emphasis is on our members having fun, learning to be part of a team in a great sport and having confidence to achieve wonderful things in our large wide world.

The children train once a week and can play organised games on a Saturday morning. They don't have to play games but we will support them if they wish to take the next step into games. The Games are played under modified conditions playing across the court with hoops lowered to 8.5’. The lowered hoops ensure the children are able to score and the development of better shooting techniques. These games are played with 3 or 4 players in each team on the court. Having teams of this size allows more opportunities for each child and greater spacing on the court.

Our Saturday game times are 8am, 8.50am and if numbers allow also 9.40am.

We have seen from this age group children leave with an improved skillset of Basketball, greater confidence in interacting with others and the enjoyment of team sports.

All ages have 2 full competition season per year and each season is 2 terms of school. it is wonderful that everyone can play all year around.

To play games every player needs Rockets game shorts and the game singlet will be given to them on game day. Under 7 and Under 8 play with size 5 balls.


Yearly family fee - $45 (this fee is per family and covers everything the Coaches need, Christmas party, things the clubs needs)

Seasonal fee - $185 (if there are 2 or more members each member gets a 10% discount on the Seasonal fees. The fees cover training fees, game fees, insurances, Public liability etc)

BasketballConnect fees.

All players in every team in the competition must register with BasketballConnect prior to playing their first competition game. You need to register with BasketballConnect on their website BasketballConnect - Competition Management System (worldsportaction.com).

South West have an annual fee (365 days) & their cost vary according to age -
Costs are:-

U8's and below - $45
10's - $84.50
U12's and above -$131

BasketballConnect fees– are to be paid directly to them using Visa or MasterCard via the link above.

Training schedule for boys and girls below