Training Schedule

Welcome to Season 2, 2022 - Training starts week of 11 July 2022 - First Game 15/16 July

The first 3 weeks of each season are Grading games. At the begining of every season players are put into divisions the coaches belive is the correct division for thoes players or in teams with their friends Basketball is a confidence game so we look to make sure the players are in their correct division.

Every team is given a number which is how what are able to see where and when your game is on. Once you know your team number you will see that number in the training table which shows when and where you train. You can see where you play by viewing the Southwest Meto stie or use the Rockets team App that will have your team and you can then click on the game times.

Competition draws are released by the South West Metro Basketball Association and are available on their Website - South Western Metro Basketball website - there is link to this web page from our home page

The Grading games help the coaches determine the ability and level that each player should be playing. In this 3 week time frame, players can be changed within teams to suit their ability or if you have a friend join Eg. If your child is a beginner, they will not be put into a Gold division team. All players should be finalised by the 3rd week ready for the offical start of the competition.

To know which age group you belong in, simply identify how old you/your child is turning in the next calendar year and that will be your age group eg. you are 13 this year and turning 14 next year you will be playing Under 14.

For season 2 the new age groups are:

U7 (Players born 2016/2017)

U9 (Players born 2014/2015)

U11 (Players born 2012/2013)

U13 (Players born 2010/2011)

U15 (Players born 2008/2009)

U17/19 (Players born 2006/2007, 2004/2005 must be at school)

Your child will have training every week and a game every week unless notified that courts are unavailable due to school events. An email will be sent notifying you of this.

There are no trainings or games in the school holidays.

Season 2 - 2022

Friday 15th July - Saturday 16th September

School Holidays 2 weeks please check for Holiday camps

Friday 7th October - 18th November

Finals for U17/19 / FNYL - to be confirmed

- Semi Finals

- Grand Finals

Finals for all other age groups

- Semi Finals 25th November

- Grand Finals 2nd December

Training Schedule - Season 2