Saturday night was great - when do we finish for the season

Hi everyone,

I hope you have all had a great week and I can feel winter coming on, I am excited as I can wear my hoodies, jackets and tracksuits.

At the Pirates game on Saturday night all the children had a great time and there will be pics on their web site shortly. At the game we had the younger playing at half time & the older children were floor sweepers sitting under the baskets at each end having the best seats.

We had 57 children at the game who we supplied hot chips and drinks to. I would like to say how nice it was to hear parents & children thank Rockets. As you can imagine feeding this many children & subsidising the entry fee did cost many hundreds of dollars. Rockets have done this previously but no other club in the association has ever done this for their members. Rockets is not for profit & noone gets paid and doing these types of things is only possible because of other work the committee members do such as running holiday camps, support from sponsors, savings when we are successful at grants and undertaking a range of other opportunities that help the club.

I would also like to thank the coaches for bringing their teams singlets for the kids to wear on Saturday night & the helpers that helped get the kids ready for the game. The kids were just so excited & we all know what excited kids are like when we’re trying to organise something, it was mayhem out the back getting the kids ready so thanks for all your help.

Runcorn State High has approached me about children entering the School hall prior to any coaches being there. Of an afternoon, cleaners mop the floor & they are wet and slippery and someone might get hurt. It is school grounds so please do not enter the courts without a coach being there.

I have had a couple of coaches mentioned to me about the attitude of some of our players; this is mainly occurring at training. For everyone’s information, if a child is disruptive or shows little respect to the coach the coaches will be asking the child to sit or stand off the court for five minutes. if it occurs more than once we will contact the parents.

I’ve had a few questions this week in regards to how long the season is, at this stage:

Semi finals are – 11/12 June

Grand finals are – 18/19 June

On the 19th June the Under 10 children still play and the Under 8 have a Dooper-Hooper clinic at Hibiscus for Under 8.

I will check what teams will be playing on the 11/12th June. I know on the 18/19th June it will only be the top 4 teams of each division in each age group playing.

On Saturday morning we had about 9 children come and try the U8 game at the 9.40 session for the first time. It was pretty exciting seeing children having their first game. We will keep the 9.40 session going for the next few weeks for anyone who wants to try.

Have a great week from the courts

Mark Smith


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