Now the finals

Hi everyone,

This week was our last week of regular competition games we are now into finals.

  • U10 still play this coming week I will keep you informed about next week what U10s will do
  • U8 still play this coming week I will keep you informed about next week what U8s will do – we do have some spaces for 9.40am games if you are U8 and want to play a game on Saturday morning and it will cost you nothing
  • All U12 play this coming week but not Grand final week which is the following week, only top 4
  • All other age groups don’t play unless you are in the top 4.

If your team is not playing in finals you are finished for the season we hope you had a great time. We are still hiring the courts so if your coach is available they may be able to still train, all U12s , U10s & U8s are still training.

After all the finals are played we will still have training for our U8s & U10s on the Monday and Friday the last week of school. We are looking for anyone in this age group if they would like to have a trial these 2 days on the last week of school there is availability for them to try.

This season we will have 26 teams playing finals which is terrific. This is truly an amazing result as we try to make all our teams equal rather than making very good teams and very weak teams. Everyone I think has learnt something this season and I believe they will all be better because of this season.

You can now register for Season 2 so please register as soon as you can as we also have a lot of new people wanting to register with us but we want to look after our current members first. Season 2 covers terms 3 and 4. Age groups do change in season 2 so there may be some changes in teams but that is exciting with some new boys & girls. The age groups change to U7, U9, U11, U13, U15, U17, U19. Training times are not yet available but should be this week.

We try to do something every holiday for you all. This holiday is the 3 x 3 competition on the 26th June and if you can you should try as it is very exciting and we are also having a holiday training camp on 28th 29th 30th June.

We had about 50 people come to learn how to play 3 x 3 this weekend and I think everyone had a great time.The ages for 3 x 3 are different to normal basketball - if you are 10 this year you play in the category of 10 and under.

At the semi-final and grand final games, please cheer for your team but remember to be respectful & a decent human being. All our children need your support and I have played games when you are all cheering and it is wonderful. So please all enjoy this time.

Table below of what is occurring in the next month

6th June

3 x 3 Competition training

6 th June

Web site – register for Season 2

11/12 June

Semi finals

18/19 June

Grand finals

19th June

U8/10 Clinic at Hibiscus 8 – 9.25am

Monday 21st June 4.30 – 5.30

U8/10 training and any younger children who want to try out Basketball

Friday 25th

4pm – 5pm

U8/10 training and any younger children who want to try out Basketball

26th June

3 x 3 Competition

Holiday Camp

Monday, 28th Tuesday 29th

Wednesday 30th

Holiday camp

3rd July

Sign on day – prepare teams for Season 2

12th July

Training starts – check schedule

17th July

First week start of trial games

24th July

Second week of trial games

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