First of August newsletter

Hi all,

What a weekend, no games Friday night and then games cancelled on Saturday afternoon yes we do live in strange times, but we just work around things. This week there will be no training on Monday due to the “lockdown” and if the “lockdown” is finished on Tuesday at 4pm we will have training on Tuesday. We will do something over one of the holidays or at the end of the season in regards to making up the Mondays we miss.

I am not sure what will happen with the teams that could not play on Saturday as it was a grading day. I will chase this up and inform everyone once I know if there are any changes to what division your team plays in.

As the proper season is about to start, I would like to thank all the coaches, assistant coaches and parents that help, it really does make a difference and your children do enjoy seeing mum and dad involved. Please remember every team has to supply someone on the score bench each week. If everyone has a turn, you only have to do the score bench twice a season which is not such a big deal. If you need some assistance in scoring, just call out and we can always find someone to help you if it is your first time.

The thing that makes me proud of our club is our people. Currently we have 9 current players helping with our younger boys and girls. Most of these players are coming from the under 17 and under 19 teams & one from an under 13 team. As I have said many times the Rockets Basketball Club looks to teach its member much more than just Basketball. We look at life skills in general & when I see these children giving back to the club it makes me very proud of having these young adults involved with us. When our younger children give back to the community the community is a much better place.

If you haven’t got the team app which shows your games times please contact us.

Don’t forget our Movie day next Sunday, we have to date 170 people coming and it will be a great day, so only about another 100 tickets available as we do not want to fill the entire theatre out and we will be closing off at the end of this coming week. Similar to our training, if something happens & we can’t view the movie next Sunday we shall organise another date.

From the courts

Mark Smith


Runcorn Rockets Basketball Clun

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