Expression of interest in Taiwan tournament

Hi all,

Our news for the week is that it is confirmed that we will be taking two teams to Taiwan in September.

Playing ages

At this stage we are only after Expressions of Interest in who would like to participate. There will be only boys’ teams this time and the age groups will be 13 years and younger (if you play in our U14/U12 competition) and 15 years and younger if you play in U16/U14 competition).


We will be away for 9 days and at this stage with what China Airlines has given us in Sponsorship it will be $3,000 per child.

What we will do

Quick guide on what it will include:

# all air fares

# 4 star hotel accommodation

# all bus transport to games and sightseeing

# New Balance Touring outfits, playing bags etc

# Hotel meals all included

# High speed rail travel (300+ klms per hour)


China Airlines will be one of our sponsors and we are working at the dates between the 14th and 19th September and return nine days later. The airlines are checking the best departure date but will know within the next 10 days. It will be at the start of the September school holidays so we are travelling in peak holiday time ☹


Because of the hard work Kim Marx does with us and all of the community, Brisbane City Council are also sponsoring the trip as the city we are playing and staying in is Kaohsiung City which is the sister city of Brisbane. We are also working with the Taiwanese business community and the State Member James Martin for Sponsorship. I cannot start to tell everyone how much a difference people like Kim and James have made to us and we cannot thank them enough.