One more week of games for this term

Hi Everyone,

Next week is the last week of games before the holidays but we will have training up until and including Thursday 1st April so we are training after the last game of the season. Sorry to those that train on a Friday as it is Good Friday and we will not have training on that day.

Not sure if you were aware but on the 20th March it was World Happiness day & Australia ranked 12th in the last report.

If they did one for Basketball I believe Rockets would be ranked 1st in happiness. I know there are things that are not perfect but we do try to make everything right and fix things if it is in our power to do so.

A special thanks goes to everyone on how we treat others within the club & those outside the club. Being on the Board of Southwest Metro I see and hear many things, we are great compared to others. I believe the reason our club is so happy & peaceful & we have so few issues compared to others is because of how we treat each other and talk and try to work out a solution, not look for problems when an issue arises. I know sometimes it is difficult to understand why things cannot occur but we will always try to explain why certain things cannot occur if we cannot change it so you understand the reasoning behind our answers.

I often get asked how did Rockets get to be so big. Four years ago we had a membership of 169 it is now 476. For me it is the Rockets brand & how people not involved with Rockets see how our children act, how our parents conduct themselves at games, how our coaches perform, how we dress, carry ourselves and what we do for others. here are many reasons why we are the preferred choice of club & again it is a big thank you to everyone. Rockets would be the most multicultural club in the association which is also something for us to be very proud of.

Don’t forget to register for the holiday camp – there are still lots of spots left but please don’t leave it until the last moment and tell your friends as EVERYONE is welcome.

I would like to thank QLegal Lawyers (1800 4 QLegal – 1800 4 753425) and BCS (for all your Body Corporate Services – 37217000) for sponsoring the new Coaches’ shirts. Please support our new sponsor QLegal, if you need anything to do with legal matters please try them and tell them you are from Runcorn Rockets. Of course Body Corporate Services (BCS) have been a long time sponsor of the club, BCS are locally based body corporate professionals who deliver real value to property owners.

A question that we have been asked this week – what is a “Bye”. A bye is when you have an odd number (5,7,9 etc) of teams in your competition so once in a while you will not play e.g. if there are 7 teams in a competition every 4 weeks you will have a “bye’ as there is no one to play. There should not be too many teams in this situation and you should not have many “byes” in a season.

Red & Purple U10 teams do not play next week as Southwest need to bring all the games forward due to Representative games being played on the Saturday and having to get players at those games. I have been told that those U10 teams that do not play next weekend will play on Grand Final day. Under 10 never usually play on Grand Final day so this season will be a little exciting for those children.

Some interesting news about NBL1 coming and I will tell everyone next week.

From the courts

Mark Smith


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