Competition well underway

Hi all,

Competitions are well underway now.


You are able to see the draw if you have downloaded the Basketball Connect App.

Please check your times for your game because on the weekend there were a couple of changes of game times so it may be wise just to check on the Thursday before the weekend. Southwest will have a new competition manager in the next couple of weeks and so next term they are looking to have the entire term out in the first couple of weeks but for the time being we will see it on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

I do feel for them because this week we have asked for 4 teams to be moved to a different division as players have been hurt and it changes the team structure. I don't know if it will happen as it changes the entire way the draw is then processed so it is very difficult.

If anyone had an issue with the iPad finding any of the players’ names, please contact us and we can send it to your coordinator or coach.

Holiday Camps

I will follow up on Camps for the school holidays next week as I have had a few people ask me about holiday camps, yes already we are talking about holiday camps.

Overseas agreements

As I said the other week there were some things that we were working on and one of them is getting a sister agreement with an elite basketball school in Taiwan.

On Tuesday I have a Skype meeting with the Queensland Trade Commissioner for Taiwan as well as an elite basketball school. Hopefully within the next couple of weeks we can sign an agreement and we will then organise a couple of teams to tour Taiwan next year and for them to bring teams here to play.


Every team has a court allocation for their training. No one has any right to go onto another team’s court for any reason. Some players from both Rockets and other clubs believe while at Runcorn you can use any facility that are not being used but this is not the case. Stepping onto someone’s else training court does not occur at any other venue and both Calamvale and Hibiscus have a small rail that people do not cross until they start their training.

We now have representative teams training after us and if these players walk onto any of our teams’ courts, please inform me as we may have to look at everyone waiting off the timber floors or outside.

We have had 2 injuries of young players looking over at others on their court and being hit by a ball, one broken tooth and one bloody nose.

Thank you all the mangers the coaches have told me what a difference it has make having one.

New Balance

New balance have informed me they will send a link to their website this coming week. As soon as I get the link, I will send it to everyone.

Have a great week.

Kind Regards

Mark Smith


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