How Basketball connect is working with Basketball Qld fees

Hi everyone,

Southwest has just sent us something regarding registration and how they work with Basketball Qld fees.

Below is what we received.

Please be advised the way Basketball Connect works is that every player’s BQ registration has to remain current for the entire season of the competition they are registering into. If the system identifies a player having BQ rego expiring before that season ends, they will be prompted to renew it at the time of registering. The purpose of the system working like this is so that no player becomes unregistered during a season and is required to renew mid-way (as what used to happen with Gameday).

Example 1 – John Smith is registering for Club A this junior season which finishes in June 2023. His BQ rego expires in April 2023. When he registers he will be prompted to renew his BQ rego (which will be extended 12 months to April 2024).

Example 2 – Jane Smith is registering for Club B this junior season which finishes in June 2023. Her BQ rego expires August 2023. She will not be required to renew her BQ rego when registering as she will be covered for the season’s entirety.

Hope this helps when you get you go through your registration.

PLEASE DON'T PAY GAMEDAY when they send you the reminder as you will then need to apply for a credit.

Kind regards


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