Hi all,

we are now well into season 1 competition.


It has been super hot the last few days so please be mindful if your son or daughter keeps their T-shirt on and puts their singlet over the top. Games over the last couple of weeks have had an extra minute at half time for the children to have a bit more of a rest.


I thought I would give you a bit of information about some of our coaches and their credentials.

Our long term coaches that you all think are just dad's helping out. Some of these dad Coaches have played for their country, some go to schools and teach Basketball, some have taken State teams to Australian titles, one coach has played over 100 games for Pirates in the State League (now called NBL1) and many that have coached at a representative level.

Then we come to our additional coaches:

Robbie McGowan - plays for NBL1 team Red City and helps trains two of our under 18 teams and also spends a lot of time with our U8 & U10's.

Jeremy Ng - plays SQL for Pirates and coaches an under 14 team.

Patrick – plays SQL 1 for Pirates and coaches two under 14 teams.

Leah Scott – is an American NBL1 American import playing for Pirates and will be coaching an under 14 girls team and we will look for her to attend some other girls training sessions.

Deola – six weeks ago won the Australian 3 x 3 competition in Melbourne. He supplies a range of professional coaches that attend a lot of our training sessions where they help the coaches with how to run their session and all our coaches have availability of training manuals to follow.

Sydney Mines- Sidney has had a long time involvement with us and has just returned from America where he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in his old School in America. We are looking at Sidney to do some extra classes with some of our children and that will be implemented in term two. His Award is held a the school and the local Museum in where his school is and he was give this award to take home, it is in the shape of the state of Alabama.


At the end of this month, we will close off interest to Taiwan. We have almost finalised our coaches and these teams will then start their training sessions in preparation for the trip.

New balance

For those of you who are new to the club everyone at Runcorn Rockets is able to get 40% discount on all new balance gear from their website. Just send an email to us asking for the promotion code.

NBL1 Game

First home game will be 1st April and Rockets will have an u8 and U10 game at half time during the ladies game and mens game. As usual everyone who wears Rocket gear to the game will get free chicken nuggets and chip but I will tell you more about that when it comes closer.

New family member

I would like to congratulate Giggs and Natashia Kudhull on the birth of the daughter Giaan. Only another 5 years and she can start playing and we may get her sister to coach her.

There a few other things that have happened, but I think this might be enough for this week.

From the court

Mark Smith

Club President

Runcorn Rockets Basketball

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