This Saturday for everyone interesting in knowing more

Hi All

For those who are a little interested in coaching or just want to know more.

We have been doing a few things over the holidays & one of those things is talking to the coaching director of South West Steve Edwards about drills for our coaches & players and we spoke about the philosophy that Rockets as a club want to follow.

With Steve and a few of us we have decided to follow a disruptive style of defence and some offensive staples.

For all our coaches and anyone who would like to try or be involved or just help with coaching, Steve is going to run a 2 hour session (if you can only make an hour that is fine) from 9.30 – 11.30 at Hibiscus on this Saturday morning. At the session Steve is going to run through a range of drills that we developed, how to run them, some of the barriers you may come up against and the reason behind these drills.

Coaches, if your players are having difficulty with something please send us an email and Steve may be able to design a drill to help with this. We are also looking for things that coaches believe work so coaches your input is very much appreciated.

If you know of a parent that may be a little interested in attending please tell them to come along – if you could send me an email first that would be great but even if at the last minute you change your mind and don't have time to send an email it is fine please still come everyone is welcome. You are welcome even just to come along and see how a coach of Steve's calibre delivers training.

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