First week of competition from Southwest Metro

Hi All,

below is information we received from Southwest Metro about the upcoming weekends of games, I hope it answers a lot of your questions.

First round of competition for Season 2 starts this week! Ladders have been reset for all divisions, and the past three grading rounds have been hidden.


Penalties will be in place for incorrect uniform starting this week. All players within a given team must be wearing the same playing top and shorts of the club’s approved uniform.

Player Registrations

For this first week only we are going to be lenient on players not showing on the ipad teamlists. I have been able to address many rego issues with clubs the last few days, but I know there are still a few.

Each game this week will have a printed scoresheet so an accurate player list for the game can be recorded for eligibility purposes, and to record fouls for players not on the ipad. The ipad is still to be used for scoring of the game, the scoresheets are just a back up this week for team lists (or if there happens to be ipad issues).

From next week (Aug 12/13) onward all players need to be registered to their team on the ipad to participate in games.

Above all just have a great time and enjoy the children running around.

From the courts

Mark Smith

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