u11 team 26

Hi under 11 families,

This is new to me as I have never had to write an email like this.

The background - This week we had a new boy come to our club and join in our training, I had to leave a little early and Coach Kin finished off.

Outcome - The child told his mother he does not want to come back as the boys were disrespectful to coach Kin after I left and misbehaved most of the time. This boy plays soccer and has for many years so has seen training in action.

I have had several issues with boys at our games saying “I don’t feel like trying”, “I don’t care”.

Neither coach Kin or myself have children in this team and we do this to support the community and to help children.

If your child does not not want to play please don’t push them as they are being disruptive to lots of other boys and have the wrong attitude.

We don’t expect the boys to win every games or be a great player but we expect the boys to try, listen to the coaches and be respectful as we all should.

Hopefully things will improve.

See you at the game

Warm regards


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