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Hi everyone,

it is getting late in the week so if you have not registered with Basketball connect please do it as soon as you can. Once you pay Basketball connect it take a couple of days to come through so if you leave it too late you may not be able to play on the weekend.

You must be registered with Basketball connect to play games.

Providing it’s been paid you will need to request a refund, SWM no longer use Gameday with the new registration system being BasketballConnect as advised in previous emails.

Below is the link to register if not already registered on basketballConnect and also request the refund

Basketball Connect

Gameday refund


Game draw

Game draw will be coming out weekly for the next 6 weeks. Currently Southwest Metro have a huge amount of requests for times for games. To give you an example of what they have to go through:

# A family request ealry games

# When the system does the draw this teams plays against a team that has requested late games - what do they do

# A cub has a coach that coaches 2 teams as they don't have enough coaches

# The systems does the draw and both the teams the coach looks after are on the same time at different locations - what do they do, then one is a late game as well.

Most clubs put in requests for something but mostly it is coaches doing more than one team, 2 weeks ago there were close to 100 teams that needed to be changed, so to do this for 6 weeks in advance is not possible. During the next school holidays they will redo the draw so they can accommodate most of us.

Please remember there are over 200 teams that need to be allocated to a time slot for their game each week, so it is much different to any other sport.

We just need to think of what impact everything we do has on everyone else.

See you at the courts

Mark Smith

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