Veo Cam Recordings - 2/3 December (UPDATE)

Hi Rockets Members!

Our apologies for the errors in the previous email!

Please see below updated links to the Veo Cam Recordings from this weekend's finals.

The Veo Cam
The club has purchased this revolutionary camera and has a team of volunteers to set it up at games so that your families can see your child’s game.
The Veo Cam is a high-resolution 180° camera that follows the basketball gameplay on the court.
The recordings give coaches and teams an opportunity to view and analyse gameplay and develop their skills throughout the season.

The camera pans and tracks the ball automatically using ai technology. On the odd occasion, it gets confused by other balls in the stadium and will pan away from the game. If this occurs, you can click the 'Interactive' view mode button and pan the camera view manually - see the below image.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that the club will record games on a casual basis throughout the season, there is no dedicated schedule and not all games will be recorded. Although the club will endeavour to recording all teams throughout the year, we can't guarantee that this will be possible.

Veo Cam Recordings - Friday 2nd December


Veo | U15 Boys - RR44 Vs RR45 (Bronze)

Veo | U15 Boys - RR47 Vs RCH34 (Bronze)

Veo | U15 Boys - RR49 Vs RCH35 (GF)

Veo Cam Recordings - Saturday 3rd December

Veo | U13 Boys - RR46 Vs RR31 (Bronze)

Veo | U11 Boys - RR22 Vs CAN3 (Bronze)

Veo | U13 Boys - RR34 Vs SBH8 (GF)

Veo | U13 Boys - RR65 Vs RR35 (GF)

Veo | U11 Girls - RR28 Vs RCH11 (Bronze)

From the courts,
Runcorn Rockets

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