Frist week of true competition completed

Hi all,

We’ve just had our first game of true competition and I hope everyone went well, we don't have to win we just have to be the best version of ourselves we can be.

Hopefully this is a good test for you to check Basketball Connect.

We still have another 12 to 14 weeks of our current competition so we have plenty of time to work on a range of things that need adjusting, so please don’t panic.


There is training on this Wednesday the Brisbane Ekka show holiday. However, remember it does relate a lot to your coach as your coach is a volunteer and he or she may have things planned with their family. Your coach will contact the team if they are not training.

Clothing and Goods

The club has been working on a couple of different things which you will all know about in the next few weeks.

One we can tell you about now is our new supplier of our coaches and managers shirts will be from New Balance.

We have negotiated an agreement where all Rockets members will be added into the New Balance system as a partner. Being a partner grants us access to their webpage where all members can shop with a 40% discount applied to their range. We are still working out the finer details how this will work but you should all get something about a link and the process next week.

We have been working on this for some time and it is very exciting that we have been able to put it together and our members can receive a benefit from what we do.

Automated shooting machine

The club has purchased a Dr. Dish shooting machine which is currently stored at Runcorn State High School. In the next month or so we shall set a program of use for all age groups above Under 13 to see if it is of benefit to your team.

After the older age groups have used the machine we will look to see if it is suitable to the U13 age group. These are a pretty amazing machine and we hope that the children will get a benefit out of us purchasing this for them. No other club in our association has a machine like this and I have not heard of any other club in Southeast Qld having one of these machines. If you want to know more about the machines you can look up Dr Dish shooting machines.

Just from this week you can see the things the committee work on for all our members, everything that occurs at Rockets is targeted at helping our members and again we would like to thank our Coaches, volunteers and sponsors because without them a lot of these things could never occur. Next time you see your coach or volunteer please ask you children to say thank you as i know this is a very special thing for a coach or volunteer to hear.

I will talk a little more about our sponsors in the coming weeks.

Have a great week and see you all at the courts on the weekend.

Kind Regards

Mark Smith


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