Hi everyone,

We have just had our first week of competition proper and it was great.

Wonderful players

I know it was only the first week but I see the coaches have been doing a great job and I think the external coaches have been making a difference. When I say the coaches have been doing a great job seeing those happy, smiling faces is truly incredible and serves as a testament to the hard work and dedication of everyone involved. I am looking forward to seeing the development and performance of everyone over the season.

It is not about winning but how hard the children tried and how they act in both winning and losing. We do have another 14 or 15 weeks so keep up the fantastic work! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask your coach, your age coordinator or email us.

Water Cooler

You will also see Rockets has provided a new water cooler at Runcorn State High School and will be doing a similar thing at Hibiscus in the next few weeks. Hydration is essential, especially during physical activities, and greatly improves the overall well-being and comfort of the players. So we at Rockets are happy we are able to help our members and the children at school.

Ball Size

I have seen a varity of different size balls used for different age groups so I would help everyone in explaining ball sizes. It is very beneficial to have the right size ball for the different age groups. Using the appropriate size ball can greatly enhance the overall playing experience and development of children in playing basketball.

Two years ago the University of Qld undertook a study where they assessed ball sizes for all age children and from that study they recommended to Basketball Qld to reduce the size of the ball for U12 to a smaller ball. Their reasoning was the smaller ball size allows children to handle and control the ball more easily, promoting better coordination and skill development. It also reduced the risk of injury as they can comfortably handle a ball that is proportionate to their size hand and strength.

Size balls are:

# every age group including and lower than U12 is a size 5

# U14 and girls of all ages above u14 is a size 6

# U16 boys/men and above are a size 7

By understanding the physical capabilities and needs of children at various stages of development, sports organizations and educators can ensure that young athletes have the best possible equipment to facilitate their growth and enjoyment in sports.

If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask!

From the courts


President Runcorn Rockets Basketball

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